Friday, January 9, 2009


Well things are moving along for our update. As many of you know some of our paperwork expired during our three year wait. We now have to apply for a different government approval than when we applied the first time. In hindsight I wish we would have kept everything current but many times things seemed so uncertain. We have all the paperwork together and our social worker will be coming here on the 22cnd to do a home study update and then send in our application. This is where our timeframe to travel is up in the air. It really depends on how long they take to process our application. In the recent past it has been taking several months because it is a new process. I have heard some encouraging news that more staff has been hired and trained and things are going more smoothly. I really have to hope that things will go quickly because we want to bring her home as soon as possible! Thanks for everyone's sweet comments it is so encouraging to know so many people care and are excited for us.

PS Makenna is 11 months old today!

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Randi said...

We were just matched with our little Fu Yan Cha, soon to be Emma Grace Yan. I had all of out paperwork filed for our 797 renewal before Christmas, but I have still not gotten the updated 797! I am so afraid that we will miss traveling with our group. Here's to hoping that both of our paperwork comes quickly.