Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Leaving in the Morning

I am leaving for China in the morning. I am all packed and the suitcases don't weigh near 44 pounds so it can be done. Please let both suitcases arrive in China when we do! I am really just exhausted and ready to see Makenna. I hope the flight goes by quickly and I can sleep for most of it. I will miss Liv and Jack sooooo much while I am gone but they will do fine.
I know I will miss Drew every minute of the trip and when I think of meeting our baby without him I cry every time. Wish me luck that I can keep it together when I see her and don't freak her out! Please everyone who reads the blog, leave comments for us while we are in China! It helps to know all the people who are sending love your way across the world :)
Well I am going to try to sleep.
I know this will be the trip of a lifetime.
Next post from Beijing!!!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Six Days

Ok I am less than a week away from leaving for China and only nine days away from meeting my daughter! I am a very last minute person but most things are falling into place. I have lots of little baby clothes all washed in Dreft and hanging in the closet or in the suitcase. It seems very real that a baby will be here soon when you wash cute little girl clothes! I bought tons of medicines today and hope I won't need many of them but I will take them just in case.

I now have a new digital camera so there will be photos on here from China! My Dad and I will hopefully also be able to put videos on the blog so Drew, Liv, and Jack (as well as all of you!) will be able to see Makenna in action.

Not much else to report.

We are so close.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I can't believe I'm going to China!

Seriously. I think that about 100 times a day. Lucky for my kids I only say it out loud about half of those times. Hopefully (if I entered the code correctly) you can look to the right of this post and see a countdown until the day we meet Makenna.
All the paperwork is coming together now (cross your fingers someone at the Air Force base gets a clue about what a notary is) and other than packing everything Makenna and I will need for two weeks, I am totally ready to go! Haha
Today I printed off a list of medicines I should bring to China. I have exactly NONE of them yet.
I can't decide what clothes to bring for her and which toys are absolutely necessary, and what clothes to bring for myself!
Umm.....Dad if you are reading this I hope you were only planning to pack a toothbrush and a change of clothes in your bag, because I might need the space. Thanks.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Travel Dates

Well it is official. We leave the US on April 30 and return on May 14. We will meet Makenna on May 4th in Jiangxi. We are all so excited! Rebecca at our agency suggested I start a yahoo group for people who will travel around the same time as us, and I am so glad I did. I am meeting (online) some of the families that will travel with me. It is so nice to share this experience with people who understand what you have been through.

I have a lot to do in the next few weeks. I will probably pack and re-pack a hundred times before I go, and still forget something I wish I had.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Catch up

I haven't posted in a while but a lot has happened! On the 28th my family and friends had the BEST baby shower for us. It was beautiful and fun and Makenna has so many new things. I feel so blessed to know so many wonderful people who will welcome Makenna into their lives. (I will try to post a photo from the shower later)
Also we received the final approval (I800) that we needed before travelling to China! It came in only 7 days. Now my adoption agency will contact CCAA to request an appointment at the consulate in Guangzhou. When we have that date we can book our flights and pack our bags!
It looks like we will leave the last week in April, but it is not confirmed yet.
I really can't believe it is finally happening.
I am really going to China to bring our daughter home.
Somebody pinch me.