Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Test results

Tests results are back and everything is negative!!! Stool samples and all! So happy to get those results and know that we have a happy, healthy little girl. She does need a chest x-ray due to her positive reaction to the TB skin test but hopefully that is the last thing for a while.


Sherry said...

YEA!!!!! That is great news. Our doc didn't do the skin test for TB because she said it would be positive because of the vaccine they use in China. But our chest X-ray was clear -- which I know Makenna's will be too.

I'm very happy about Makenna's results.

Virginia and Doug said...

Welcome home! I found your blog from another blog (Meeting Maya). Your Makenna is absolutely adorable! We live in Louisville, too, and are leaving June 18th to get our Daughter, who was also born in Feb 08 in Jiang Xi. I just thought I'd drop by and introduce myself since it looks like we have so much in common. Enjoy that new little one of yours!

Gin =)

Virginia and Doug said...

Hi again,

You are more than welcome to follow our trip! We live in the Valley Station area. We do plan on joining in on some of the FCC get-togethers as well. We will definitely have to make it a point to get our girls together since they're so close in age. If you don't mind me asking, what size shoes does Makenna wear? I am having the hardest time deciding what size to buy Kerry. I'm leaning toward 4's or 5's.

Virginia and Doug said...

Thanks Dana, that helps a lot. Kerry's updated measurements put her at 28 1/2 inches and 24 lbs ( I'm guess with all 5 layers on) I guess we'll see. I have mostly 18 months clothes with a few 12 months.

Gin =)

P.S. if you'd like my e-mail its Gins2cats@aol.com

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that she is healthy and obviously happy. Get ready for some exciting times. Our daughter Olivia just got her loans for her first year of Med-school. $55,0000. They never stop being expensive but are so worth it. Tell Drew Jim from worked said hi.
Your entire family continues to be in our prayers.

Jim Stepp