Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I found this poem online and I think it is beautiful.

The Family of Adoption-A Poem by Joyce Maquire Pavao

You cannot change the truth-These are your children-But they came from somewhere else-And they are the children of those places-And of those people as well-Help them to know all about their past-And all about their present-Help them to know that they are from extended families-But they have more than mothers and fathers-They have grandmothers, godmothers, birth mothers, mother countries, mother earth-They have grandfathers, godfathers, birth fathers, and fatherlands-They have family by birth and by adoption-They have family by choice and by chance-Childhood is short-These are our children to raise-These are our children to love-And then they are citizens of the world-What we do to them creates the world that we live in-Give them life-Give them their truth-Give them love-Give them all that they came with-Give them all that they grow with-Your children do not belong to you-But they belong with you-You can not keep them from what is theirs-But you can keep loving them-You do not own your children-But they are your own.