Friday, October 1, 2010

The Shiner

Well it was only a matter of time with this little wild one, right? Makenna fell out of our bed yesterday and got a big black eye. She still sleeps about half the night in her bed and the other half in ours. She tosses and turns so much and in general is NO FUN to sleep with! I usually block the other side of the bed with pillows (if it is a work night for Drew) but somehow she fell out of the bottom of the bed by the footboard and hit her eye.

It looks really painful but she just rolls with it. At least something matches her shins now:)

Oh and the capsule in the picture is her fish oil that I poke a hole in and she sucks all the juice out! EEEWWWW I know, but she loves it.


Virginia said...

Poor girl! She really did a number on that little eye. Leave it to Makenna to make a shiner look cute, ha ha. Sounds like she sleeps just like Kerry. She usually ends up in bed with me around 4 am.

Gin =)

K said...

Ok this makes me want to keep Laney in a crib even longer. No big girl bed for her yet :) Kelly