Saturday, December 4, 2010


Ok so we heard that Santa would be at the Walgreens right by our house today and I thought we would test the waters and see how Makenna felt about him this year. We have been talking him up quite a bit in our house and she has been interested. Whenever anyone mentions what Santa is bringing her she says "dollhouse" about 5 times.
So we wander in to the store and they told us Santa was in the back. When we round the corner and spot Santa chatting with two employees I was not prepared for Makenna's reaction. She was so EXCITED!! She runs toward him shouting (over and over) DOLLHOUSE!.....DOLLHOUSE!
It was hysterical. She sat on his lap grinning from ear to ear (and repeating dollhouse here and there for good measure) and loved every minute.
Anyway, I think Santa understood what needs to be under the tree this year by the time we left:)


Virginia said...

How cute!! Look at that smile! Kerry still refuses to sit on Santa's lap.

Gin =)

Sherry said...

That's so cute!!!! Cassie screamed at the site of Santa last year. So I think we are skipping Santa this year. Love the picture too.