Sunday, January 30, 2011


Things change around here so often I thought I would take a minute to write down some of Makenna's current favorite things for me to remember later.

*She still LOVES Dora but a few new favorite shows are Team UmiZoomi, Bubble Guppies, and Busytown

*She used to respond to "I love you" with "Too Mom (or Dad, or whoever)" but now she can say "I luh you Mom" and we all can't get enough

*She started going to toddler storytime at the library and thinks it is the greatest thing

*She had her second haircut yesterday and did a great crying!

*She is starting to get an opinion about what she wears (and she is very stubborn)

* She started wearing underwear in October but she refused to go #2 in the potty for a long time. She is doing better now and only wears a diaper at bedtime!

*Favorite foods: pizza, bananas, apples, peanut butter, cereal ( she also has a big sweet tooth and will do almost anything for chocolate or candy)

*She now has speech therapy 2x per week and she is crazy about her therapist

*Even though it is difficult for her she works really hard to get her words out and she has made great progress.....she is no where near age appropriate for expressive language but I know she will get there!

*She is so happy, funny, silly, stubborn, smart,cute, and she laughs all the time......we love her to pieces!!!


Virginia said...

She is as cute as a button! Kerry loves Bubble Guppies and Team Umizoomi, too. She's also taken a long time learn to go # 2 on the potty. Her "I luh you too" is so sweet, I'm sure it must make you just melt! We miss you guys! Hey can you e-mail your address to me again, please?

Gin =)

Heather said...

she is a beauty!!.. reminds me of my DD with all of her hair and her size for her age..