Monday, February 28, 2011

Five years

On 2/28/2006 our paperwork was logged in with the CCAA in China.
Five years ago. Today.
For years I lived and breathed that date. Cursed that date. Cried about that date.
Olivia was 8, five years ago. Jackson was 5.
And now five years later it is just a memory.
In a couple of months we will be home with Makenna for two years. So long and really it has flown by. The thing is, some people with log in dates just a few months after ours are. still. waiting. Unimaginable.
I was just thinking how lucky we are to have Makenna in all of our lives today. Each of my children add such a unique piece to our family puzzle. We all fit together.
My thoughts are with all the families in the world hoping, praying, waiting, and dreaming of their future. I hope you find some peace and joy in each day and that soon you can look back at this time and feel thankful that it brought you where you are now.


Virginia said...

Yes, you certainly are blessed to have that precious and beautiful little girl who fits so well in you family. I too am amazed at how long the wait has gotten for NSN adoptions. And I'm amazed that our girls have been home almost two years!


Sherry said...

You have amazing kids and such a great story to tell Makenna some day. I'm so glad I got to share a tiny, tiny piece of it with you for a week.