Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My baby is 3!

Today Makenna turns 3 years old. Hard to believe she is not a baby anymore. She has been so excited about this day! We had a little party with just our family of five. Cake, ice cream, and presents that came in the mail from her family in KY. She got a Dora guitar (from us), a baby doll w/ a little pig (Nana & Papa), handmade doll blanket/pillow, hopper ball (Nana &Papa), big doll and finger paints (Granny), cards and money (Grandpa). Pretty great day all around.

My wish today is that I could somehow let her birthfamily in China know what an amazing little person she is. How full of love and giggles she can be. How much she is loved. How thankful we are every day that we get to be her family. It is so hard to reconcile the fact that their horrible loss brings our family so much joy. So on this day, even though I can't be sure they are thinking of her, I am thinking of them.


Virginia said...

Happy Birthday! She is as cute as can be. I can not believe our babies are turning into big three year olds.

Gin =)

K said...

you said it perfectly. I got teary eyed reading what you wrote about China and BP. Kelly

Sherry said...


Wow -- I can't believe this is the year our girsl turn 3!!!! It seems like yesterday they were so little.

Miss you guys,