Sunday, February 1, 2009

Everything is mailed off!

Or put another way, things are finally out of my hands. Even though the horrible weather held us up a few days I mailed all the documents to our homestudy agency with our I800a application on Friday! I also faxed copies to our social worker so she can complete our report. Then the completed homestudy will be sent to Chicago (USCIS) along with our application and fee. Hopefully that will be very soon so our countdown to approval can begin. A few weeks after the application is received Drew and I will get an appointment to be fingerprinted (again!). Things are moving along, it just feels too slow for me.
I did order a care package for Makenna from Ann at Red Thread China. It includes a pair of pajamas, a soft baby doll, a blanket, candies for her caretakers, a disposable camera, a family photo, and a letter from us (Ann translates it for you). I will post a picture of the care package when Ann sends the final photo to me. I can't wait for Makenna to get it and I am hoping Ann gets some updates for us as well. I think I have memorized every detail of the three photos we have of Makenna and I am so ready for the real thing!

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