Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Pictures

She wanted to ride in the wagon wearing just the football she did.

Makenna with her cousin Sam. I love the look on her face. Like she is really pondering something. Also you can see how much her hair has grown!
I managed to get two little pigtails in on this day!! But did not manage to get a picture where she was actually looking AT the camera.

Makenna is really blossoming every day. She has started being so much more affectionate with all of us. When she climbed into my lap the other day and just laid her head on my chest and snuggled with me I just about cried. And now she will sometimes just walk up and want to give me or her brother or sister a kiss or hug. She would do these things before but only when you asked for a kiss or hug. Not just because SHE wanted to give you one. And just today she did the sweetest thing. I always give her kisses while I am holding her and getting ready to put her into bed. Today at nap time and again at bedtime she would reach up and grab my face and give me kisses. Then look at me and do it again. About three times in a row. I think she is really deciding that we are her family. We were Ok before, but now she has really claimed us for her own.
And it is wonderful.


Virginia and Doug said...

Love the pigtails and the "nothin but a helmet" picture cracked me up! Aren't spontaneous baby hugs and kisses the best!? I'm right there with ya, I know that her giving that affection means so much, and feels like huge step in the bonding process.

Gin =)

Sherry said...

Love the pictures and update. She's such a little cutie.