Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Six Months

We have had Makenna in our lives for six months today. It really has flown by but it also seems like she has been around forever. Just like when her big sister and brother came into our lives now our family feels like we couldn't be complete without her! She amazes us every day with her spirit and ability to let us into her heart a little more. Her first almost 15 months without us are still very present for her but she is also settling into our family. She has made so much progress since we came home. She learned to walk and now she understands EVERYTHING we say. We even spell things already like S-t-r-o-l-l-e-r because if she hears it there better be a walk on the way! Her speech is improving also. She is trying to say things and she says Mama (and she means me!)Dada, Jack, bubble, dog,hot, duck, that, and she says Na when she points to herself. She will point to pictures in a book and can point to all of her body parts when asked...even her! Her balance has improved and she falls less and is doing less walking on her toes. She has also grown alot physically. I don't know her current height but the girl has gained about 5 pounds since coming home from China, and she weighed 22 lbs in China! I feel like I am bragging but we are just so impressed with everything that can happen in 6 short months!

Of course we have a long road until she is completely comfortable. She does NOT like Mama to leave, even though Daddy is home now. She is actually more clingy now that he is here. Bedtime has to be with Mama and if she wakes up at night (which she does now-EVERY night) then only Mama can hold her and rock her back to sleep. She points all of us in our family out (Mama, Daddy, Liv, Jack, and Makenna) about 50 times a day. It seems like she is really trying to reinforce or reassure herself that we are all a family and she belongs in it. If two of us hug or kiss she has to be included, and at bedtime she won't go to sleep unless she gets a kiss and hug from everybody (sometimes several!).

She is our busy, silly, smiley, stubborn, brave girl who challenges us daily.

We wouldn't want her any other way.

We love you Makenna and are so glad you are home.


Sherry said...

Yea!!!! 6 whole months. Our 6-month day was yesterday. Can you believe it? It's hard to believe it's the same kids we had back at the WS.

And that is so funny -- Cassie calls herself 'nana'. Whatever does that mean? She will see a picture of herself - smile, then tab her hand on her chest and say 'nana'.

So glad Makenna has made such great progress.

Amy said...

What a blessings, our 6 months home is today too. I am sure we must have met in China at some point. Makenna is just beautiful.

Virginia and Doug said...

Happy 6 month anniversary!! I can't believe it's been half a year already. Makenna is so sweet and adorable and it's obvious that she adores all of you as much as you adore her. I love how you describe her, it sounds a lot like a certain little someone else I know.

Gin =)

Rebecca said...

We are glad that you all are doing so well! All 3 of your children are absolutely beautiful! We look forward to seeing you all.

Rebecca S