Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas card picture attempts

Okay there were actually many more pictures. This was just a sample. I obviously was so caught up in trying to get them in the picture I didn't even adjust the camera so there would be no red eye and blurriness. The third one would be my choice but it is soooooo blurry! In my mind the three kids would put on their Christmas pjs and all smile and look cute for a Christmas card picture. Well........ they all managed to look cute but, we will have to try again tonight to get a photo we can use. Makenna is still a challenge to photograph. She is in constant motion and doesn't care if she looks or smiles. She does what SHE wants. I keep reminding myself that being strong-willed and independent are good qualities :)
Wish me luck.


Virginia and Doug said...

Those kiddos of yours are beautiful! Don't feel bad, Kerry is not easy to photograph either. Hope to see you guys on Saturday!

Gin =)

Anonymous said...

Those are wonderful qualities!! Emily is such a little ham! As soon as she sees a camera, she starts posing.


Hebnix said...

So good to see all of the progress that she is making. I haven't been here to check in for a while now. She is such a cutie!

Our shelby is only a little bit younger. She was born March 6. They both share that strong willed trait. How about a temper... Shelby definitely has that!

Sherry said...

Love the pictures. It shows all their great traits -- hahaha. I have the same problem with Cassie. She still doesn't know what smile means. Still cute pictures.