Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Catch up

We have been so busy lately. All three of the kids have had their birthday parties and now spring is here!!! Makenna loves being outside and we are looking forward to lots of playing in the sunshine. Makenna continues to grow and change every day. She is starting to look so much older. Early Intervention continues to help her become more confident and to communicate with us. Speech is still a struggle but she learns signs easily and she attempts more words all the time. The biggest success lately is her transition to her speech playgroup. The first 5 times she went she cried most of the time! It only lasts for 2 hours one day a week and I was ready to throw in the towel and say we were done, when she started to do better! The last two Mondays she has gone into the classroom with out tears and the teachers(who are developmental specialists) report that she is happy and playful the whole time. She has a great sense of humor and keeps us laughing all the time. One of her favorite games right now is for her Daddy to hold her and say "my baby!" while I chase them and say "no, my baby!". She thinks this is hysterical. She loves to dance and climb and jump. She starts a gymnastics class this week and I think she will love it!
She is such a happy girl and she is so much more settled than even few months ago. Just recently I realized I have relaxed with her and I can enjoy her so much more. For a long time I just tried to "get through" each day and figure out what she wanted. Now we can have fun and when all five of us are together it feels right. She fits and completes our family.

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Virginia said...

Man, that girl of yours is CUTE! It sounds like she's doing great, that's awesome that she'll go happily to her speech group now. It sounds like she's feeling more relaxed lately, too, although she's always seemed relaxed and content with you, to me. I'm starting to look for a gymnastics class for Kerry, too but the ones I've checked on so far start at 3 years old. I know what you you mean about feeling more relaxed with her. I have more days lately where I feel comfortable and confident in my role as Kerry's Mama, and less days where I worry that I'm not doing everything right for her, or trying to interpret what every one of her little actions means (is she really happy, is she really bonded to us like she needs to be, am I missing something, etc?).