Sunday, April 11, 2010

Makenna LOVES having her hair fixed!

Not really. Some days trying to get her hair pulled up out of her eyes is very challenging. Olivia took these one day last week to document the struggle. I love it!


Sherry said...

Poor girl. I'd skip it if that's what it took to do Cassie's hair. hahaha. I'm glad that Cassie's loves having her hair done now.

Virginia said...

Oh, I'm so glad mine's not the only one who gets all melodramatic when it's hair fixin' time. Makenna's hair always looks cute, so I guess Mama usually wins in the end =).

Heather said...

oh..I know how that goes.. by 18 mth old has a heaps of hair and trying to get a hair clip or pony's in it can be a struggle.... Your daughter is beautiful!