Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My summer sweetie!

Just stole a couple photos from my sister-in-law because I am still without the camera cord. And truthfully have been too busy to just take the card to Target or something. Thought these were cute of Makenna. My big kids avoid the camera now a little bit so I have to catch them when I can. Makenna is so silly and happy most of the time, I just love it!
This was taken from her speech-preschool's website! Makenna goes once a week for 2 hours (in addition to her weekly speech therapy) and she really loves it.

Playing in the sprinkler at Granny's house.

She really does know how to smile when she wants to!

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Virginia said...

Good grief, that girl is CUTE! I've missed seeing that sweet little face, and chit-chatting with you, the last few weeks, we need to get together =).