Sunday, July 12, 2009

Article on our family

The Air Force paper wrote a nice article on our situation with Drew being deployed and not meeting Makenna yet. I will save a copy for her to see when she is older and can understand how much her Daddy missed her before they met!


Sherry said...

What a sweet article. It made me teary.

KC said...

What a great article and keepsake for your family and daughter! Makenna is precious and I enjoyed reading your story! I'm a follower of RQ and just happened to come across your blog while visiting her site today. During our wait for our daughter my husband was deployed too and we were worried he wouldn't make it back in time to travel with me. The stress of the extra paperwork and not knowing a definite time frame made us crazy! Sometimes the military doesn't make it easy for us. :) I'm sorry to hear your husband wasn't able to travel with you, but I wished you and your family the best and safe travels for your husband on his return trip home.


(A mom to a daughter from China (LID Nov 24, 05), and a wife of a Security Forces member (Hanscom AFB) who is currently deployed in Iraq, and hopefully returning home by the end of August!)