Monday, July 6, 2009

Running up and down hills

One of Makenna's favorite things is to find a hill or ramp and go up and down it...oh about 250 times! This hill is at the park on the waterfront and it is made of the recycled rubber stuff so I felt a little better about her running down it. She just laughs her head off while she is doing it. It is hard to get a good shot because she moves so FAST! But my favorite is the one where you just see the outline of her and her sprout of a ponytail! Cracks me up:)

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Sherry said...

Sounds like Makenna is enjoying life at home. I also love the ponytail. I haven't tried one with Cassie since China -- which lasted about 30 seconds. Maybe I'll try it again since even dressed in pink she gets called a boy when we are out. Love the pictures. Miss you guys.

Sherry and Cassie