Saturday, April 11, 2009

Travel Dates

Well it is official. We leave the US on April 30 and return on May 14. We will meet Makenna on May 4th in Jiangxi. We are all so excited! Rebecca at our agency suggested I start a yahoo group for people who will travel around the same time as us, and I am so glad I did. I am meeting (online) some of the families that will travel with me. It is so nice to share this experience with people who understand what you have been through.

I have a lot to do in the next few weeks. I will probably pack and re-pack a hundred times before I go, and still forget something I wish I had.


Marsha Puckett said...

HI Dana
Congratulations! Your little girl is so cute! Glad to hear you got the date to travel. Hope you have a great trip and I'll be following your progress online. Thanks for sharing the blog. You'll have to bring her to visit us at work before the end of the school year!

Rebecca said...


Sherry said...

Please video your meeting and "you tube" it. Prayers for safe travel and a joyous meeting of your new lil one. She's a lucky little girl and I know she'll bring your family great pleasure.

Anonymous said...

I can not wait until Makenna gets here! I will no longer be the baby of the family! I had always wanted a brother but a sister is pretty awesome too! I want to read her lots of books!

Jackson (big brother)

Anonymous said...

Dana, I have been checking your blog everyday for updates. I am so happy for you and wish everyone a safe trip to pick up Makenna. Thank you for sharing this experience.