Thursday, April 16, 2009

I can't believe I'm going to China!

Seriously. I think that about 100 times a day. Lucky for my kids I only say it out loud about half of those times. Hopefully (if I entered the code correctly) you can look to the right of this post and see a countdown until the day we meet Makenna.
All the paperwork is coming together now (cross your fingers someone at the Air Force base gets a clue about what a notary is) and other than packing everything Makenna and I will need for two weeks, I am totally ready to go! Haha
Today I printed off a list of medicines I should bring to China. I have exactly NONE of them yet.
I can't decide what clothes to bring for her and which toys are absolutely necessary, and what clothes to bring for myself!
Umm.....Dad if you are reading this I hope you were only planning to pack a toothbrush and a change of clothes in your bag, because I might need the space. Thanks.


JoAnn Stringer said...

Hi, this is JoAnn, from the Fu Yahoo group. I love to recall our trips to China -- so I'll relive it through yours! Love the referral photos!

Aunt Jaime said...

9 DAYS!!!! I cannot believe you leave in 9 days !! I am so excited and cannot wait til you return w/ her !! For some reason my work internet let me see the whole blog today....yippee !!