Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chillin at Starbucks and street market

Makenna started feeling better this afternoon and we cooled off at Starbucks while she acted silly. Afterwards we walked to the pearl market and went through a very interesting area of Guangzhou where they sell a lot of ingredients for traditional medicine and foods. Dad and I felt like we were in an episode of that bizarre foods show!


Anonymous said...

Dana, It is really nice to see Makenna smiling and happy more. I know when you get home on Thursday Jack & Liv will be so happy(to see you and Makenna)!! Can't wait to see all of you!

Love Aunt Missy & Uncle Cliff

sandyb268 said...

She looks like she was laughing so hard she could snort! lol You can tell she has alot of love to give. We all know she will receive sooo much love from the whole family. Talk to you soon.

Love Aunt Sandy