Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Getting used to us

I have not had time to post much info because Makenna is on me all the time! She wants to be held all day. So far she has spent most of the time crying or sleeping but we have had a few glimpses of the happy girl that I'm sure is in there. She won't sit in a high chair or a stroller so I carry her all day. I am so happy I brought a baby sling. It has been a lifesaver. She is adorable and seems very healthy and loved. Her grief is so hard to watch sometimes it makes me cry. She cries out for Mama when she is sad and that is not me yet. We make a little progress every day and I know it will get better. Meanwhile enjoy the smiley picture it was the first one we managed to get so far!


Anonymous said...

Hey! I just found your blog on RQ. Your little girlie is so cute. I hope things get better and her grieving lessons with each day. Thank you for sharing your trip with us waiting moms. Hopefully we will hear about referrals next week.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful smile she has!!! There will be many more of those darling smiles each day!!! Hang in there and thank you for sharing your journey with us.

(From RQ)

2china4S said...

Congratulations, beautiful baby, beautiful smile. It is so difficult to watch our little one's struggle. We spent our third night in our hotel room, and our next to last, because our daughter was desolate.

The Sharp Family said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!

Mac said...

Found your blog on RQ. Your daughter is beautiful! I can tell you from first hand experience that it will get better. Our daughter (turned 10 months the day she was placed in my arms) clung to me the entire trip until I got sick and she had to go to DH. Our daughter slept and cried alot as well, and she had not been in foster care. I think after the first four days or so, she finally started showing us the beautiful, happy little baby that was inside. It will the pictures, keep posting! said...

She is sooo pretty! It's great to see her smiling and you too!!!

Love, Aunt Sandy