Saturday, May 16, 2009

We are home!

Wow what a trip. I don't think I am ready to put my thoughts together about my adoption trip. The journey home was long and stressful. But being home is all worth it. I missed Liv and Jack so much it was terrible. Makenna has really taken to them also. She loves having her big brother and sister around. Now if we could just get back on a decent sleep pattern we would be good. For everybody out there still waiting it really will be your turn one day and memories of the wait will fade (not go away-but fade) and you will think how lucky you are to have this child in your life.


Kelli said...

She is beautiful! Welcome home at last!!! Good luck on sleep- we had the "middle of the night parties" for about 10 days- it was brutal- 3 hours up in the middle of the night- she was happy and giggly, but we needed the sleep! Good luck- soon the painful baby jetlag will be just a memory!!

Kelly Jean said...

Dana it is so good to have you home and wow you are such a great mother! you always have been it's fun to watch you with her. It's so great to get to be part of our sisters travels through mother hood, starting with Jacob and now ending with Makenna, it is ending right? Jaime and you are done this time right?? ha-ha!!!! well not really ending just not adding any more people...I'm sure we all have LOTS of travels to go some good some bad but thank God we have each other for every min. of it!!!
Love you!